DTVD - purchase license key
To activate all functions, it is necessary to register once and obtain a license key.

Avoid unnecessary costs and only pay for the period you actually use and need the software. You don't pay a purchase price for a program that you actually only need sometimes. Present the results of your reconstruction with a professional presentation in a distance-time diagram that you and also the others involved can understand and follow. And only pay for the current service actually being made use of. You can purchase a license key for the activation of all functions at in the ClaimMS GmbH license-shop. Of course, you will receive a proper invoice that you can, for example, submit to the commissioning court.

Start the following video and see how to get a license key fast and easily or go directly to the license-shop.

DTVD online makes all necessary calculations for an accident analysis possible; the diagram from the calculations is displayed live and can be displayed and printed in any scale. A DXF export module adopts the diagrams in the usual CAD programs, in order to present the courses of the roads and relevant vehicle positions there.. How to register...